You can expect to find the same commitment to offering you a fast, fair and simple experience at any one of our Prime Automotive dealerships located throughout New England.

At Prime Automotive, we don't think buying a car should require clearing everything else on your calendar for the day, packing a lunch, and suiting up for battle. We want car buying to be fast, stress-free, even exciting. No haggling about price (C'mon. Can't you do any better?) No posturing (Gee, I'll have to go talk to my manager). No drama (Watch me. I'm walking away now. Are you watching? I'm going to your competitor.) It's exhausting. That's why Prime Automotive is putting the fast back in car buying.

How do we do that? We start by eliminating the time-consuming dance that goes on between the buyer and salesperson about price. Right up-front, we'll show you data from trusted 3rd parties like, Edmunds, or Blue Book to prove we're giving you an honest price based on true market value. We call it The Prime Price Promise. Armed with the right information, you can negotiate with confidence and make an informed decision in less time.

Financing a vehicle can be a hassle, too. If you don't know your financing terms up-front, or don't have options, it can make the whole process more complicated. But at Prime, we know how to make it simple and fair. To help you estimate your payments up-front, we use an average store interest rate on any vehicle you're interested in. This way, you can quickly decide if you're in the right ballpark for your budget. No personal credit applications are necessary at this point and we won't pull any personal credit ratings until you decide on a vehicle. And here's the really great part. When you decide you're ready to lease or purchase, you have options. Lots of them! At Prime, you can choose from dozens of lending institutions and select the one that works best for you. The way we see it, that's only fair.

Prime Automotive makes every aspect of car buying simple -- and that includes trade-ins. We know how stressful it can be to wonder if the dealer is offering you a fair price for your trade-in. Sure, it has a few dings, and a couple of sticky spots from your toddler's last Happy Meal, but it's a darn good car. You know it is, and you don't want a smooth-talking dealer to convince you that it's not. So here's what we do at Prime. We give you information from a reliable 3rd party source like We'll show you how our numbers compare to the marketplace. Whether you decide to buy from us or not, the person who evaluates your vehicle will make you a fair, up-front offer. To ensure that you get top dollar for your trade, we'll ask you to accompany our vehicle evaluator when he reviews your vehicle. It's just another way we're making it simple to get exactly what you want at Prime.