About Prime Motor Group


About Prime. A Family Story.

You've heard the expression, "the family that plays together, stays together". At Prime Motor Group, we give it a different twist. For us, it's definitely "the family that works together, stays together." We've done it so well that our family has grown to over 1,800. Of course, not all of them have the Rosenberg name, but all 1,800 are valued employees we consider members of the Prime family.

It all started in the early 1960s with Ira - a young, ambitious go-getter working the showroom floor at Sea Crest Cadillac in Lynn, MA to support his wife and their newborn son, David. Good job. Good experience. But Ira was just getting warmed up. He left Sea Crest and started North Shore Auto Brokers in Salem, MA with the help of his father, father-in-law, and wife, Judy.

When David was old enough, he began accompanying Ira to work. It became his "home away from home". In fact, David was so comfortable in and around his father's business that when Ira bought his first Toyota dealership in Danvers MA, in1975, David started his first job -- as a part-time lot boy working weekends and during school vacations.

David became such an eager student of the business that by the time he graduated college, he had worked in every department of the dealership. Out of college, David would return to the family business for a couple of years, leave to pursue his MBA at Columbia, and return again.

By now, Ira's one dealership had multiplied and become the Ira Motor Group. (Anyone in Massachusetts during the 80s probably remembers the commercial: "Ira, Ira! Zero down at Ira!") Business flourished. New dealerships were added. David had taken on a leadership role in the company and it was clear that he would eventually take over the family business.

Then in 1999, father and son were approached by different consolidators, and they decided that the timing was right and struck a deal with Group 1 Automotive, a publicly held company. Ira gave retirement a try, unsuccessfully. It wasn't long before he told Judy, "I'd either like to go back to work or get a lobotomy." He tried several ventures, but he found that what he really missed was the car business. Meantime, David stayed on working for the public company and added even more dealerships to the Ira Motor Group. He really enjoyed the experience for a few years, but then new leadership came on and, for the first time in his career, he was unhappy at work.

Around this same time, Ira returned to the automotive industry with the purchase of three car dealerships in Maine, which became the start of the Prime Motor Group. David became an investor in the company, letting Ira take the reign as dealer principal. As he explained, "A ship can only have one captain and that captain was Ira".

Shortly after, in 2007, David and a former partner bought the Clair Auto Group. The group consisted of 5 dealerships in Massachusetts, one in New Hampshire and three in Maine. Ironically, the three in Maine were on the same road as Ira's two Prime dealerships. So what's a family to do? Rather than compete, they became one big family. The merger put David at the helm this time, and Ira as his seasoned advisor.

Today, Prime remains dedicated to Ira's original values. Family. Community. Honest deals. Ever working together as a family to make the customer's experience "fast, fair and simple".