Don’t drive away behind the wheel of your new vehicle without protecting it! Now, you can protect your investment thanks to Prime Protection by AutoBodyGuard. Prime Protection will protect your vehicle’s appearance and preserve its value for years to come.

Interior and Exterior Benefits of Prime Protection

  • Black Trim Molding Protection— Will protect and prevent fading and discoloring of black trim/ molding/cladding.
  • Carpet & Fabric Protection— Will shield your vehicle’s carpets and fabrics from spills and stains from food, drink and sun damage.
  • Factory Wheel Protection— Will prevent staining or excessive brake dust that is not easily removed by an ordinary car wash.
  • Headlight Lens Protection— Prevents dulling, yellowing, or fading of your vehicle's headlight lenses.
  • Leather & Vinyl Protection— Prevents damage to interior upholstery from spills and stains and the effects of UV rays.
  • Organic Odor Eliminator— Removes and eliminates organic odors caused by pets, food, or drink inside your car.
  • Paint Protection— Protects the exterior painted surfaces of the vehicle from damage by external elements, such as tree sap, insects, road tar and other hazards.
  • Rental Car Reimbursement— Up to $50 per day for up to 3 days for a maximum of $150 on all covered repairs.

Contact Prime Automotive for More Information About Prime Protection

AutoBodyGuard's outstanding formulations are powered by NanoCure® with NanoxideSM. For more information about Prime Protection, please reach out to any of our locations across Massachusetts, Maine, and New Hampshire. Our team would be happy to discuss more of the benefits of this amazing product.

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