Maintaining your tires is important. We know tires are an investment, which is why our service facilities are here to help you care for them. From balancing your tires to performing tire rotations, your vehicle will be in good hands at any of our service locations across Massachusetts, Maine, New Hampshire, or Vermont.

How do you know you need new tires? Take a look at some of the warning signs below:

We tell our clients to keep an eye out for any cracking in the sidewall. If you see any cracks, there is a chance your tire has a leak. If you see any blisters on the tire, make sure your vehicle gets to one of our service centers as soon as possible. Blisters could lead to a blowout, and your safety is our top priority.

Another warning sign to look out for is if you feel vibrations when you drive. This means your tires could be unbalanced. Sometimes, the problem is the tire itself. It's best to have your tires inspected by one of our professionals just to be sure.

How Can I Tell I Need New Tires?

If you want to inspect your tires yourself, we recommend paying close attention to the tread depth. The tread on your tires should not fall under 1/16 of an inch in depth. You can test the tread depth by using a penny. Simply take the penny and insert it head-down into the tread. If Abe’s entire head is visible, you will need new tires. And that's where Prime Motor Group comes in.

Visit A Prime Motor Group Service Center for New Tires

Our team will help you find the right tires for your specific vehicle. If you have any questions about tire service or replacements, be sure to contact us. You can also set up your next service appointment online. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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