Why Should I Get My Car Serviced at the Dealership?

As an auto owner, you know that you need to have your vehicle serviced regularly, but you may not be sure where to have it done. Out of the various mechanics in your area, you should always opt for the service center at your dealership, whether it is for regular maintenance, repairs following an accident, or any other tune-up your vehicle may need. Your dealership will always provide numerous benefits, making this a smart decision.

Certified Staff with Ongoing Training

One of the most important advantages of bringing your car to your dealership for repairs is the skill of the technicians. When you visit a third-party mechanic, there is no guarantee as to their experience or training. However, dealerships invest in training their staff so they can develop the skills to take care of your vehicle and receive manufacturer certification. In fact, most dealerships offer or even require ongoing training for their technicians to ensure that they are always aware of the latest techniques in the automotive industry.

Experts Familiar with Your Make & Model

In addition to the general knowledge and skill of the technicians at your dealership’s service center, those mechanics will be familiar with your particular vehicle. The dealership does work on a wide range of models, but they focus on the make that they sell, allowing for greater familiarity. A third-party mechanic, on the other hand, will work on every type of model, not giving him the chance to become truly familiar with yours. Never underestimate the importance of being familiar with your particular vehicle as this allows the mechanics to perform maintenance, diagnose issues, and make repairs more quickly and accurately.

Factory Parts

When you have your car serviced at the dealership, you will also be certain to receive official factory parts from the automaker. It simply wouldn’t be practical for a mechanic who works on all vehicles to have official parts from every brand on hand; they would need a huge warehouse to hold it all. Since the dealership focuses on a handful of brands, they are able to keep these parts on hand or easily order them for delivery within days. By opting for these genuine factory parts, you can count on their quality as well as their compatibility with your model. After all, engineers designed them to work seamlessly with it.

Whether you need help with a tune-up, regular maintenance, repairs, or something else, visit one of our 31 locations to have your car worked on by our professional technicians.

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