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  • Review: 2016 GMC Terrain

    Tags: Review, GMC, SUV

    In each class, there is a model that seemingly doesn't belong, not because of how poor it was made but because it draws inspiration from so many other models. The 2016 GMC Terrain is one of these cars. Classified as a compact SUV crossover, the Terrain offers a little bit of everything for drivers.

    Impressive frame and interior The Terrain's grille immediately stands out to buyers, and helps separate itself from the rest of the class. It has a blocky, bulky build that allows it more interior space than other similar cars like the Honda CR-V.

    There are a lot of features that all jump out at once with the Terrain. Essentially, GMC has built an aggressive-looking cab due to the extended wheel wells and futuristic rear. This jives with the theme of the vehicle considering many drivers will be buying it for the dual comfort and towing it offers - it functions just as well taking it for a spin around the block, or hauling equipment cross-country.

    Crossovers don't get their name without a … more

  • Best of the Best: Cars for College Graduates

    Tags: Best of the Best, College Grads, Toyota, Scion, VW, Mazda, Kia

    After May, many former college students will find themselves putting the pencil and notebook down in favor of a diploma. Among the list of things to do after you graduate - find a job, a place to live, etc. - buying an affordable, reliable vehicle will undoubtedly be among them.

    Graduates should follow certain guidelines when buying their first post-college car. It's certainly time to upgrade to suit the professional lifestyle, but cars can be expensive and impending student loans don't help the process. Here are a few models that are known to be incredibly fuel-efficient and trustworthy to help you get from point A to point B without issue.

    Toyota Camry The Camry is synonymous with performance, dependability and safety. It's a car continuously in the middle of the pack when it comes to specs, and it has topped the sales board for the last 13 years in a row, according to Car and Driver magazine.

    In 2013 the Japanese automaker sold its 10-millionth Camry, a rare feat for any … more

  • The 2016 Infiniti QX60 bridges the gap between style and power

    Tags: Review, Infiniti

    The 2016 Infiniti QX60 is commonly known as a soft, errand-runner vehicle, but this year's model is proving that it can hold its weight with the rest of the maker's models when it comes to engine performance and drivability. The three-row luxury SUV comes with a comfortable starting price compared to other vehicles in its class at around $46,000, but the features give it the appeal of much pricier model.

    Endless amount of features and accessories There are so many gadgets and bells and whistles in the QX60 that this section could turn into a novel, but it'll stay short. The simple fact of the matter is that the QX60 is one of the better-equipped luxury SUV models out there. It's specifically designed for comfort, which is why it sort of gets left on its own island when it comes to the engine-driven models that Infiniti comes out with.

    Let's start with the actual frame of the car, which received a small makeover, according to Car and Driver magazine. The Infiniti logo on the grille … more

  • Ford’s Intelligent Speed Limiter is a step toward the future

    Tags: Review, Ford

    Ford recently came out with an interesting piece of technology that should polarize car buyers at large. According to Auto Blog, the American carmaker released the Intelligent Speed Limiter in the Ford S-Max.

    The feature is currently only available in the European market, but chances are likely this technology could make its way stateside very soon.

    What does the ISL do? Cars have been experiencing tons of changes due to the rise of technology over the last few decades. From airbags to satellite radio, to infotainment systems and now self-driving cars, everything seems to be getting more sophisticated.

    Ford's new technology may just be an extension of what's to come. Google is putting the finishing touches on its self-driving vehicle, and pretty soon, it will be ready to hit the market. Drivers won't have to lift a finger inside of it, as the acceleration automatically obeys the law. The ISL is pretty similar.

    According to AutoBlog, the ISL doesn't exactly put down the brake if … more

  • Car Ed 101: Navigating the Negotiation

    Tags: Review, Car Ed 101, Negotiation

    Negotiating is an art. Some people may choose to avoid buying a car from a dealer simply because of it. The truth of the matter is that it's not difficult to learn. Take the seller, for example - he or she didn't just walk onto the dealer's lot and know every price off the top of their head. It took time and patience to learn how to negotiate the best price.

    Here's your guide on how to handle sitting down at the table and discussing numbers on the car you want to drive home.

    1. Do your research The car-buying process involves a ton of research. At the end of it, you should feel like you've just finished an all-night study session. You want to exhaust yourself with as much information as possible so you can make an informed decision.

    Use the DrivePrime blog to begin your research with our collection of new car reviews, then expand your search options to industry-trusted experts like Kelly Blue Book, Edmunds, and Consumer Reports. Make use of the pages that list features and engine … more

  • Toyota Corolla Rolls Out 50th Anniversary Edition

    Tags: Review, Toyota

    The Toyota Corolla has become synonymous with stability, consistency and drivability. It almost seems that every new driver has had this car at one point in their career. According to Toyota, nearly 43 million Corollas have been sold, which is why the Japanese carmaker is rolling out a special edition this year to go with its regular release.

    Get the special edition while you can Toyota's 50th-anniversary edition won't be around for long. Only 8,000 of the cars are being made, according to Edmunds. If you've had your Corolla for as long as you can remember, this might be the car for you. It's the perfect piece of commemorative memorabilia for die-hard Toyota fans, and will be one of the few models that actually stands out on the road from similar model types.

    The SE make will be the blueprint for the special edition, and a few tweaks will set it apart from the base model being produced in 2017. According to AutoNews, the special edition will have 17-inch alloy wheels with grey … more

  • Car Ed 101: How to Change a Tire

    Tags: Review, Car Ed 101, Tips

    There may be no worse feeling than being stranded in the middle of an empty highway with a flat tire and no idea how to change it. Swapping out tires is a fairly simple process that can seem overly complicated if you don't know anything about your vehicle. That's why we're here to help.

    Hear a pop? Pull over safely This one is a given, but once you feel your tire blow out, hear a pop, or notice on your dashboard that something is wrong, find a safe place to pull over. Pep Boys recommends avoiding grass or dirt, as your car jack could sink into the ground and your car could slide off. Stay off of hills and find a place on the pavement if possible.

    Put on your hazard warning lights and take out your warning safety triangle kit if you have one. If there's a lack of light on the stretch of road you're parked on, then the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration recommends setting up the warning safety triangle kit at least 500 feet away from your vehicle, so drivers know not to speed … more

  • Review: 2016 Toyota RAV4 Hybrid

    Tags: Review, Toyota

    Toyota created the compact-crossover car model niche when it unveiled the RAV4 in 1996, Car and Driver magazine reported. Since then, it's had a tumultuous time battling for supremacy with cars like the Honda CR-V among others. The 2016 RAV4 Hybrid is new to the model line and with its massive interior and mechanical changes, it's poised to help Toyota take back the crown they created.

    What's new with 2016 The hybrid is new to the RAV4 family and marks the eighth eco-friendly product for Toyota, according to Car and Driver. Toyota has had a lot of time to perfect it, and Toyota's first go around with the RAV4 line introduced a viable product to the already saturated market.

    All the 2016 RAV4 models have gotten a lift - the hood is placed a bit higher than last year's model, giving the grill a look that resembles one of the company's trucks. The technological change comes in between the speedometer and tachometer, where they added an information screen about 4 inches in size. … more

  • Evolution of the Porsche 911

    Tags: Review, Porsche

    The Porsche 911 has a storied history and has been recognized under a number of different pseudonyms since it cruised onto the market in 1964. Here's a brief summary of all the changes that have taken place.

    The family history The first Porsche 911 was built in 1963, sold in 1964 and originally billed as a 901. After French automaker Peugeot contested the name, as they had rights to any car names with the number zero in-between two other numerals, Porsche switched it to the now universally recognized name. Only 20 Porsche 911 R models were built in 1967, according to Edmunds. These cars were lightweight, devoid of any carpeting or interior accessories, boasted a 210 horsepower engine and are considered to be the car that started the legend of the 911 racing line.

    The Carerra was added in the 911 line in 1973. Out of the 1,800 models that were built, none of them were sold in the U.S., according to Edmunds.

    The 911 G-series was released in 1973 and stayed on the market until 1989. … more

  • The 2016 Infiniti Q50 Red Sport will take industry by storm

    Tags: Review, Infiniti

    The Infiniti Q50, a departure from the G35 and G37 models, lacked the extra "oomph" all sport sedans need. The carmaker must have sensed drivers' frustrations, as it recently rolled out the Q50 Red Sport 400. This car comes with a turbocharged VR engine - a big deviation from prior Q50 models - giving drivers the power a luxury sport sedan should have.

    What's all the fuss about? This car is clean-cut, plain and simple. Infiniti put a massive VR engine into it, gave it a new steering system to handle said engine and a bunch of new technology inside the vehicle to really spice things up. Once the car goes on sale, it will be the most competitively priced sport sedan on the market.

    First things first, the new VR engine installed in these Red Sport 400s. According to MotorTrend, the new addition makes the six-cylinder 40 pounds lighter than the average engine due to aluminum blocks and heads. They've also coupled the exhaust manifest with the block head to alleviate some burden as well. … more

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