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  • Comparison: 2016 Ford F-150 vs. 2016 Toyota Tundra

    Tags: Comparison, Ford, Toyota, Pick Up Trucks

    The two behemoths of the pick-up truck industry square off in this comparison review. While they may look similar on the outside, each has its own unique spin on interior and muscle, which makes deciding between the two that much more difficult.

    Having trouble picking out your next truck? Read on to see which model falls closely in line with your expectations.

    Exterior F-150: Like many in its class, the 2016 Ford F-150 has a powerful-looking exterior that comes in nine different colors, according to Edmunds. It's 17 feet long by 6 feet high, which makes it slightly more compact that its competitor. The shorter truck bed could be billed as its one downfall, though it still has a high towing capacity that helps it run with the best of them.

    Tundra: What the 2016 Toyota Tundra lacks in color options - just three different palates - it makes up for in length. Coming in at 19 feet long by 16 feet high, it has a considerable advantage over the F-150 when it comes to length, but bed space … more

  • How to keep your pets safe while driving with them

    Tags: Safety, Pets

    People hitting the road for a vacation this summer will undoubtedly want to bring everyone in the family along - including their furry companions. But before you let your dog hang its head out the window, or your cat in the backseat of the car, be sure to take some precautionary steps to make it a fun trip for passengers of all species.

    Prepare for the adventure Just like humans, animals need to prepare for long-distance travel in vehicles as well. The American Humane Association reported the best way to do this is to take small trips with them in advance of the big vacation.

    Take your pet down the street to run errands, or to pick the children up from school. The goal here is to get them comfortable in the setting of a car. This is especially necessary if your pet hasn't gone in a car at all.

    When you feel as though they're ready for the long haul, be sure to bring a towel for them to lay on and a container of water that can be sealed when it's not in use. Tupperware works like a … more

  • Best of the Best: Sports Cars

    Tags: Sports Car, Porsche, Toyota, Audi, Mazda, Ford

    Sports cars are internationally renowned for their finely-styled frames, sleek driving and all-around, high-level performance. Don't forget those high price tags, as well. If you're in the market for a new sports car, you're going to have a tough time - only because there are so many great choices.

    This list, in no particular order, is composed of some of the finest sports cars in the world. Make sure you test drive all of them, as driveability will ultimately be your deciding factor.

    2016 Porsche Cayman The name Porsche is synonymous with power and style, and as such, the German brand serves as a great starting point in your search for your favorite sports car. Porsche often comes to mind when talking about high-performance vehicles because of its proven track record over last few decades. It has long been a mainstay in the sports car realm, and the 2016 Porsche Cayman is no different.

    Sports cars should really only be judged on a few factors - zero to 60 speed, luxury and … more

  • Fun, affordable, family-friendly day trips in Massachusetts

    Tags: Fun, Summer, Road Trip

    Massachusetts is home to an endless stream of history, attractions and family-friendly adventures. With so many options at your disposal, it'll be difficult to narrow down exactly where you want to take the kids next.

    Have no fear - we've rounded up some of the best places to go in the area that will keep expenses affordable and ensure the kids are in bed by 9 p.m.

    New England Aquarium Massachusetts plays host to a large number of educational attractions, so it shouldn't come as a surprise that the New England Aquarium made our list. Found in the heart of the Waterfront section of Boston, day passes range from $19 to $27 and provide access to thousands of marine animals, many of which are located inside a massive 200,000-gallon fish tank, according to TripAdvisor.

    There are a number of discounts available that also apply to whale watching tours and the IMAX theater, so it's worth it to seek them out. There's always unique shows going on within the aquarium, so be sure to find a … more

  • Car Ed 101: What to look for when buying a used car

    Tags: Car Ed 101, Used

    Buying a used car can be a nerve-racking experience. Unless it's certified pre-owned, you may have little idea as to what condition it's in. That's why it's important to check certain areas of the vehicle to ensure it's in superior operable condition and won't break apart when you drive off the lot.

    Here are a few key areas to inspect as you finalize the papers for your new used vehicle.

    Exterior Great looking cars have been known to be lemons, while older looking vehicles have gone on to last well past their prime. You can't judge a used automobile solely off of its looks, but there are a few insights you can glean from it.

    Consumer Reports recommends checking for scratches, bumps and dents in the body of the vehicle. If they're small, they can likely be fixed. Deep scratches or dents covering a large space may be costly to fix and should be factored into the final price. Unsure if you feel a dent? The source reports that if you hold a magnet to an area you think was covered with … more

  • Find your next adventure with the 2017 Ford Escape

    Tags: Review, Ford, SUV

    The famed American automaker gave its 2017 Ford Escape a considerable makeover amidst a number of interior and exterior improvements. The end result is a small SUV with big power and ultimate driveability.

    New engines give muscle Ford added two new engines to the line, according to The Car Connection. The SE and Titanium Escape models will receive either a 1.5-liter or 2.0-liter EcoBoost motor, with the former expected to hover around 178 horsepower and the latter 245, the news source reported.

    The 2017 Ford Escape will keep its classic 2.5-liter, four-cylinder, 168 horsepower engine which also has 170 feet per pound of torque. This block gave the 2016 model a 7.1 zero to 60 miles per hour time, and similar results can be expected this time around.

    While the IIHS hasn't yet released safety reports for this year's model, it received good ratings in side and roof strength last year, making it one of the safer SUVs on the market. According to Edmunds, the 2017 model will have the … more

  • Best Beaches in New England

    Tags: Best of the Best, Summer, Fun

    New England plays host to some of the most beautiful beaches on the East Coast. Long stretches of sand, historic rock jetties and lively beach towns all come together to produce some of the most vivid memories people have of the summer.

    Without further ado, here are some of our favorite spots to soak up the sun:

    Cape Cod, Massachusetts First on our list is famous Cape Cod. If your family hasn't been on a vacation there yet, we highly recommend you do so - no matter how far the drive. Since there are around 100 beaches in the area, according to Discover New England, we're going to give a few and let you decide which one is the best:

    Herring Cove, Provincetown

    Chapin Memorial Beach, Dennis

    Coast Guard Beach, Eastham

    Breakwater Beach, Brewster

    Sandy Neck, Barnstable

    Newcomb Hollow Beach, Wellfleet

    Martha's Vineyard Home to Presidential summer vacations and hundreds of thousands of tourists every year, Martha's Vineyard shouldn't be forgotten on the list of best beaches in … more

  • Car Ed 101: The Ultimate Tailgating Checklist

    Tags: Summer, Fun, SUV, Trucks

    Whether you're at your favorite sports game, camping site, or just in your backyard, every tailgater needs to be well-prepared. Forgetting to bring one small item can mean the difference between relaxation and frustration.

    If you're going tailgating soon, make sure all of these items are on your checklist:

    Packing everything up The right vehicle can make or break a tailgate. Minivans may seem like a great choice at first, but scrubbing out charcoal stains from the carpet after will make you regret that decision very quickly.

    The best decision is to go with a truck so that you can utilize the space in the bed. Make sure you’ve got enough power to handle the cargo load and enough space for people to sit in the truck bed while the hotdogs are cooking on the grill. Don't forget ratchet straps or rope to tie down any moving parts!

    Big ticket items Grill: Bringing the grill from your backyard probably isn't ideal, even if propane seems like a better option. Part of the tailgating … more

  • Review: 2017 Kia Sedona

    Tags: Review, Kia, Minivan

    When you first think of a minivan, stylish probably isn't the word that immediately pops into your mind. The 2017 Kia Sedona changes that notion by upping the ante and providing drivers with the ultimate level of comfort and luxury.

    Unparalleled enjoyment Minivans are more commonly known for seating large groups of children for long periods of time, but much less so for the amenities they offer. The South Korean automaker flips that notion with its all new upscale design in this year's Sedona.

    The frame of the vehicle says it all, as it successfully bridges the gap between after-school pick-up van and futuristic, turn-of-the-century design. The interior is pristine, as gray cloth offsets the beige and black dashboard and steering wheel nicely.

    In the cab, the third row is collapsible to provide a maximum cargo capacity of 142 cubic feet - perfect for family road trips. Remote keyless power-door locks and one-touch power windows come standard. There's an abundance of … more

  • Top 8 places for families to visit in New England

    Nothing says, "Summer," better than a family vacation! If you're looking for the next best adventure to take the whole family on (pets excluded), then read on to see some ideas on where you can go.  Remember - don't forget to pack snacks!

    New England Aquarium The New England Aquarium is a staple in the book of great vacation spots. It's located on the Boston waterfront and is one of the few places you don't have to drive the whole way to, as there are numerous spots where you can park your car and explore the city along the way to it.

    TripAdvisor boasts that the attraction's 200,000-gallon water tank is the main attraction - it's located right at the heart of the building and stairs are built vertically alongside it so children can have every vantage point when trying to point out their favorite fish. Make sure someone finds Nemo before you leave!

    Vermont Teddy Bear Factory If your family likes the Build-A-Bear workshop, they'll love the Vermont Teddy Bear Factory. … more

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